Tips for staying safe online

  • Use a strong, unique password for every website.
  • Never use the same password twice.
  • Never click links in emails or texts that seem to come from your bank, the IRS, or any other institution.
  • Start using a good online password manager to store and generate strong passwords.
  • Think twice and remain critical when opening attachments in e-mails or files downloaded from the Internet.
  • Update your programs and applications.
  • Install an antivirus solution.
  • Be careful what you download, and ask questions about the site you are downloading from.
  • Keep your day to day software, such as browsers, Java, Flash and PDF readers, up to date at all times. Patch quickly.
  • Back up – not just your computer, but also your phone and your tablet.
  • Keep your devices up-to-date
  • Trust nobody!


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