XAMPP is an open source software developed by Apache friends. XAMPP software package contains Apache distributions for Apache server, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. And it is basically a local host or a local server. This local server works on your own desktop or laptop computer. The use of XAMPP is to test the clients or your website before uploading it to the remote web server. This XAMPP server software gives you the suitable environment for testing MYSQL, PHP, Apache and Perl projects on the local computer.

Installation Process for XAMPP on Windows
  • Locate the Xampp installer, click Run as Administrator.
  • Continue with installation? Click Yes.
  • To continue the Setup Wizard, click Next.
  • To continue, click Next.
  • Choose the destination folder, click Next.
  • To continue, click Next.
  • Ready to Install? Click Next.
  • Xampp is in the installation process.
  • To complete the Setup Wizard, click Finish.
Running Xampp Application
  • Locate the Xampp application, click Run as Administrator. (e.g. c:\xampp\xampp-control.exe),
  • Choose your Language, click Save. (Language option will prompt you once)
  • Click Start action on the Apache module.
  • Click Start action on the MySQL module.
  • Xampp Control Panel is good and running. (You are ready to code)

Note: The default folder for the future projects – c:\xampp\htdocs\


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